Individual development

Change is essential to keep the business and its people successful. We help individuals grow through personalized individual development programs. Our experienced mentors and coaches meet individuals where they are in their everyday life and reality.


Examples of our individual development programs

Leadership coaching

Strengthen leadership. Effective coaching methods for managers and leaders.


Guidance and support. Connecting experienced mentors with talent.


Give your employees who need to leave the best opportunities to find their next career step.

Individual leadership development

Both new and experienced managers and leaders can receive help with individual leadership development through the guidance of an experienced coach. Together with the coach, the areas that the individual wants and needs to develop are identified. Executive and leadership coaching is an effective leadership development initiative and can also be used as part of an existing leadership program.

Mentoring/business advice

Mentoring and business advice can provide professional knowledge, industry knowledge, experience and confidence in the personal development of a manager or specialist. Mentoring can be seen as a quality assurance of skills development and is also an excellent carrot to attract candidates for recruitment or to retain existing staff.

Our mentors are leaders with solid experience who are matched to the needs of the individual. Our business advisors are senior people at senior management and board level.

Career coaching

Career coaching is primarily aimed at those who want to clarify their desired development within the company. What is the next appropriate career step? What do I want my professional development to look like in the long term? Through coaching and development, we help make the individual's short- and long-term goals visible in close collaboration with their supervisor. The individual receives good support in realizing their goals and minimizing any skills gaps.

Tests for individual development

We are certified in a variety of personality tests that are an important aspect of individual development and growth. The focus is on evaluating how the individual performs in their work environment, how they build and manage relationships, perform tasks and projects and navigate their drives and emotions. We also analyse which work-related factors motivate the individual at different levels. All our tests and tools are carefully designed to ensure high validity and are audited by DNV GL.


As part of individual development and organizational progress, it is valuable to conduct a 360-degree test. This is a highly effective feedback tool that examines an individual from a number of different perspectives; their own, their managers, their subordinates and colleagues.

We focus on examining how the individual performs in their work environment, particularly in interactions with people, relationships, managing tasks and projects, and how they navigate their motivations and emotional challenges. In addition, you can also choose from 24 different competencies to explore further, taking into account the relevance to the individual's specific development needs. Our tests are tailored in terms of design and scope to ensure the best possible results.

Develop new business and build companies with Spin-Out

Create successful business opportunities and expansion. Our Spin-Out program gives you the tools to explore and develop new business ideas and projects, helping to drive growth and innovation in your business.


In a transition process or other scenario where an individual is leaving their job, we can provide support through outplacement programs. Through coaching, development tests, mapping of opportunities and goal setting, we help the individual to move forward in their career. This may involve studies, a new job or support in the process of starting their own company.

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