Management and organization

An effective management and organization is crucial to the success and growth of organizations. By creating a strong and flexible structure, defining clear responsibilities and implementing effective processes, the achievement of business objectives can be ensured. This needs to be complemented by clear, courageous and inclusive leadership based on the organization's core values.


Tailored leadership development

We work closely with our clients to create programs that are fully adapted to specific requirements and challenges. By combining proven leadership development practices with a deep understanding of the organization's goals, we create tailored solutions that help leaders grow and develop in their role. Our focus is not only on increasing leaders' ability to lead their teams effectively, but also on promoting their personal and professional development.

Strategy development

We help management teams develop business strategies to achieve their goals. We can also support the development of existing strategies and be a partner in taking the business where the customer wants it to go. We do this by helping to concretize and translate the organization's strategies into practical action.

Management team development

Through management team development, we guide both new and experienced management teams in developing procedures for effective management team work. The assignment may also include highlighting the relationship between strategic responsibility and the decisions that are actually made by the management team. We identify the decisions that should be at management team level.

We have extensive experience in management team development and know what it takes to develop a group of leaders into a management team.

From personnel department to HR Business Partner

We develop the HR department from a traditional support function to a modern HR function that contributes to the business. Through organizational development, we are helping the unit to become a proactive player that addresses strategic questions to achieve business goals.

Skills transfer strategy

If the organization's skills profile does not match the future business objectives, we help formulate a plan for skills transition. We outline how the transition should be done and what the skills profile should look like within a certain number of years.

Project management

Several of our consultants have extensive experience in both project and program management. We can act as a sounding board if the customer already has an appointed project management team, but we can also take full project management responsibility. This means that we staff an entire project management team with the right skills.


We put the client's management and organization in context by describing the market situation and the client's position in the market. This can include areas such as reward strategy for management teams, number of management positions, career development opportunities, training and employer branding.

Management Audit

A review and analysis of a management team to determine whether the team's skills, capacity and composition are appropriate in relation to the organization's objectives. Does the management team work in harmony with the organization? The review is conducted on a professional basis and with due diligence.

Resource Management

Resource Management means that we take responsibility for an organization's entire skills supply. We act as a cohesive link that provides the customer's business with executive search, interim solutions, outsourcing and staffing personnel in strategic areas such as HR, finance, administration and IT. We can also develop tailor-made trainee programs and help our clients to carry out skills transfer so that the organization's future skills correspond to set business goals. 

Our offer is based on our flexibility and our many talented partners. Our way of working also means that we are constantly influenced by new thoughts and ideas. We don't get stuck in rigid models of thinking.

Tests for management and organization

In management and organization, it is important to understand how individuals' behavior and characteristics affect the dynamics and performance of the organization. We are certified in several different tests that examine individuals based on personality, motivational factors and skills.

The different perspectives that are examined in personality include how one acts with others at work, how one handles tasks and projects, and how one relates to the work itself based on drives and emotions. In terms of motivational factors, the study examines which work-related factors motivate the individual to a greater or lesser degree. The skills examined include verbal, numerical and logical abilities. All tests and tools are of high validity and are audited by DNV GL.

Holistic approach with 360-degree evaluation

As part of leadership and organizational development, it is valuable to conduct a 360 degree test which is a very effective feedback tool. The test examines an individual from a number of different perspectives including their own, their manager(s), their subordinates and others such as colleagues. The focus is on examining how the individual performs in their work environment and this is linked to people and relationships, tasks and projects, and motivations and emotions. In addition, it is also possible to choose from 24 different competencies to investigate further based on relevance to the individual's role. Of course, we customize the tests in terms of structure and scope for the best possible results.

Creating an engaging work environment

An engaging work environment is key to attracting and retaining talent and promoting productivity and employee satisfaction. By developing effective leaders, implementing communication structures and promoting collaboration and teamwork, you can create a work environment where employees feel motivated and inspired to give their best.

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