Through our experience and our wide and extensive network of contacts in both the private and public sectors, we assist our clients at short notice with the placement of interim specialists, managers and senior consultants for both short and long term assignments.

An interim solution is a smart and cost-effective way to tackle the complex challenges of today's rapidly changing organizational structures. We make sure to tailor interim solutions based on your need for skilled and experienced expertise. It's a flexible approach where we take care of all the practicalities such as payroll, insurance and other administration.


Why should you choose HRM?

Rapid response

Our experience and wide network of contacts allow us to present available and matching consultants at short notice.


Interim solutions are a cost-effective tool that increases an organization's flexibility.


What does the term 'interim' mean?

Interims are temporary and tailor-made solutions for businesses in need of leadership and/or specialist skills. This can be anything from filling a vacant position to managing transition periods and projects. Our interim consultants are industry experts who are used to acting quickly and effectively and are ready to help you achieve your goals.

When is an interim consultant needed?

Interim solutions as part of the HR strategy provide effective tools that increase the flexibility of the organization. An interim consultant can be an option in several different situations.

In case of temporary need for specific skills

An interim consultant can bring experience and expertise to a specific project where the required specialist skills are not available within the organization.

In an ongoing recruitment process

While waiting for a recruitment process to be completed, or when the person for the position is not available immediately, an interim solution can prevent cases from being left unresolved for too long.

Parental leave, official leave or sick leave

When one of your employees is temporarily away from work for an extended period of time, a good solution is to hire an interim consultant to pick up where the employee left off.

In change processes or reorganizations

When your organization is about to embark on a major change journey, specialist skills may be required in several positions to ensure that the change of course has the best possible results. Once the new organization is in place, caretaker managers with a long-term commitment take over.

All of our interim consultants have extensive documented experience working at both specialist and management level in different industries and with different areas of expertise.

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