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Do you need to quickly fill an interim CFO on a temporary basis? HRM's interim solutions are a smooth and smart way forward. We are specialists in connecting organizations with interim CFOs - experts in filling financial leadership positions just when they are needed most. Our network includes many experienced consultants who regularly take on interim CFO assignments during times of change.

What does an interim financial manager do?

An interim financial manager plays an important role in businesses that need temporary financial expertise. Common tasks may include handling analysis, budgeting and other financial tasks. Their broad experience gives them the ability to quickly adapt to new situations and effectively contribute to stabilizing and improving the financial health of the business. Through their expertise and skills, interim financial managers can ensure the financial well-being of the company - even during periods of change or urgent need for financial management.

Common consultancy assignments

Financial strategist and advisor

As a financial strategist and advisor, an interim CFO creates robust financial strategies that support the organization's long-term goals. They analyze market trends, assess financial risks and opportunities, and provide guidance on capital allocation and investment plans.

Head of Budget

The role of budget manager is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive budget system. The budget manager monitors the income and expenditure of the business, sets financial targets and ensures that all departments stay within their allocated budgets.

Risk managers

Risk management is a critical function that identifies, analyzes and proposes actions to reduce financial risks. Interim consultants evaluate internal and external risk factors that may affect the organization's finances and recommend strategies to manage these risks effectively.

Asset managers

An asset manager focuses on optimizing the capital structure of the business. Consultants help evaluate financing options, manage debt, and ensure that capital is used effectively to support the business's growth initiatives.

When is it time to hire an interim CFO?

An interim CFO can be a strategic solution in many different situations. Here are some common scenarios where it can be particularly beneficial:

Transitional periods

When a permanent CFO leaves, it can take time to find a suitable replacement. An interim CFO quickly fills this role and ensures that the business's financial functions continue to run smoothly during the recruitment process.

In phases of change and restructuring

Organizations undergoing major changes, such as restructuring or acquisitions, can benefit from the experience and perspective an interim financial manager offers. Their expertise is valuable in navigating through complex financial and operational changes.

For specific projects

Sometimes businesses need a CFO with specialist skills to lead specific projects such as major investments, system implementations or international expansion. An interim CFO with the right background can provide the expertise needed to drive these initiatives forward.

During crises

In times of economic uncertainty or crisis, an interim consultant can provide stable leadership and help design strategies to reverse a negative trend. They are adept at handling pressured situations and can implement immediate measures to protect the financial health of the organization.

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How we work with consultant recruitment


We start every consultant recruitment with a thorough analysis of needs, success factors and key competencies to ensure an effective match between candidate and assignment.

Searching for candidates

Our experienced researchers use a combination of advertising, external and internal databases and our extensive network to actively search and identify candidates who meet your requirements and expectations.

Selection & presentation

The candidates who match your needs and show interest in the assignment are presented to you.


We administer interviews between you and the presented consultants. We also offer the possibility of conducting tests and reference checks upon request.


After the placement, we continue to follow up and support both you and the newly hired consultant to ensure a smooth integration and successful completion of the assignment.

Why hire a financial manager through HRM?

We offer tailor-made solutions that match your specific needs, whether you need to hire a finance manager for a short or long term assignment. The interim consultants in our network often have an extensive background in finance and business development, making them well equipped to meet your challenges. HRM has a long history of successfully matching organizations with experienced consultants. Through an extensive network of contacts in both the private and public sectors, we can quickly identify and recruit the most suitable candidates.

Rapid deployment

We offer quick access to qualified candidates through our efficient interim process. Depending on your needs, we can have an interim CFO with you shortly. We act quickly and proactively on your requests and with our large network of experienced CFOs, we can guarantee a smooth appointment that fits your exact requirements.

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